Brother In Korea

Lou Osborne
Lingua: Inglese

[ca. 1950 - 1950's]

Lyrics as printed in "Jimmy Martin and the Osborne Bros. -- Sunny Mt. Boys" Songbook, 1950s, reprinted in liner notes, "Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys," Bear Family Records BCD 15 705-1 EI, 1994.
It was on the 27th of November
Uncle Sam sent for him to go,
Said, "Bring your clothes for three days
Until you are signed up for more."

It's sad, it's sad but it's true;
He had to report over there
The people aren't happy unless
They're fighting in a battle somewhere.

He's in Korea today.
He's fighting for the loved one back home.
He's far across the sea
He may never come home.

You can wander around in the bar room
And find drunkards loafing around
But never do they have to answer
A call to serve Uncle Sam.

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