Stop the War

Sugar Blue
Lingua: Inglese

SUGAR BLUE (interview) on Stop he War:
"I think the only thing we achieve... through war.. is death!
War destroys hope. War destroys everything that we value, everything that we built. And it takes that thing that none of us can give - life!
And there has got to be another way. It's insane to continue doing the
same things and expecting a better result!"

“Stop the War,” a funky blues that deftly mixes snippets of famous speeches and news reports with its plea... HYPERBOLIUM

"...his vocal and songwriting styles recall the soul and funk protest anthems of War or Sly & the Family Stone. He writes from experience, having served in Vietnam between 1970 and 1973." - CHICAGO MAGAZINE
They call it war I call it murder , murder in the first degree
they’re spilling blood for profit
and killing our democracy
it’s the devil retribution, and hell will be our destiny

Human bombs exploding, bullets aimed to set you free Rpt.
In the name of freedom, to protect we must destroy
Among the unknown soldiers lie our little girls and boys

One moment of silence
for a lifetime of pain
hope left unanswered,
a promising future unclaimed.

Stop the War, kill no more
Stop the War, kill no more

From tribal war to global war from kingdoms to democracies
from the arrow to the uzi mechanized insanity
Don’t care whose flag you die for, a graveyard is your destiny

Stop the War, kill no more
Stop the War, kill no more

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