Get Me To My War On Time

Vicki Ryder
Lingua: Inglese

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Scritta insieme a Ken e Jenny Levens
Written together with Ken and Jenny Levens

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Vicki Ryder.
Vicki Ryder.

Get me a war on in the morning.
My polls are gonna shine
Let's cut some taxes and crush the evil axis
Get me to a war on time.

They'll all be mourning in the morning
Maybe I could start World War Three
They may have more brains, but I've got the war planes
So get me to my war on time.

God bless big business, oil companies
They help us bring down Saddam to his knees

Oh I've got the right wing and the righteous
The biggots, the papers, the TV
Free speech is treason, don't listen to reason
Just get to me to my war on time.

Oh I don't care much for education
And my wife's afraid of poetry
I may be a moron
But let's get a war on
Get me to my war,
Peace is such a bore
For dad's sake
Get me to a war on time.

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 5/9/2005 - 16:48

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