Terror In The Skies

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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[December 1998]
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Live at the Passim
Night-time comes and everybody wonders
Will tomorrow bring the light of day
Will our house be rubble blown asunder
In the cellar we will hide ourselves and pray
Will the smoke clear in the morning?
Will the city all go down in flame?
Will the factory be standing?
Will life here ever be the same?


There's terror in the skies of this city
Fear is in the hearts of children, women and men
And you never see the faces of the killers
As the smart bombs fall again
Will there be a job for me to go to?
Will there be food upon my plate?
After many, many years of hungry sanctions
What did my child do to earn this fate?


The Yankees talk of Gaza and of Algiers
They wring their hands when Irish shoppers die
But if you want to know a life of terror
Look up at night into the Baghdad sky


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