The Birth of Counter Flow

Counter Flow
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Corporation Offenders
(Counter Flow)

Songwriters: Hyde, Ali Baba feat. Hashman.
Album: Status Quo

"We were born during the Iran-Iraq war"
Yo MC Ali Baba 1980, born in Wimbledon 4th September
Not that I can remember,
History tells me bombs dropped from a bomber
During my long planned escape from the womb of my mother
But male is my gender,
Fighting corrupt politics is no one on my agenda,
Combined with my lyrical splendour,
If I was in Iraq I would have been a defender.
Woken up to evil charity of the US backed Ba'ath party,
Suppressors of democracy while serving White House bureaucracy,
Nothing but evil unleashed on what used to be a free society,
Less than 2 months old I returned to Baghdad
When my untold story began to unfold,
So behold… It's the beginning to the end of this country's free world..

MC Hyde (from the government)-85, -windows smashed...
So the felt the winter cold,
By missile near my home from Iran but sold,
From US for the black gold.
Looked at my pillow soaked in blood,
Gashing from my head,
Mother screamed I was dead,
Thank Allah he chose to give me a scar on the instead,
Neighbours homes burned as they fled,
On charred corpses they tread,
On their wedding day this wasn't Falluja
By the way... This was a fuckin' Chaos.

Hashman-Baghdad 27 May, …88;
Over millions of soldiers have been slayed;
From Iraq or Iran the same game was played;
Rivers turned red
Which is the colour I dread;
In my baby crib time passed till it was replaced with a bed;
Knowin' how much the out side was filled with lead,
Ain't no movie people really bled
The women could do nothing but tear shed.
Images of my father - a doctor,
A gun in each holster he had no choice but to be a Ba'ath member,
On his way to X-Rayin' people,
Lookin' feeble,
Escorted by his bodyguards into an armoured vehicle,
To Iraqis life is proven lethal…

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