Suicide Bomber

Ralph Buckley
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Ralph Buckley
Album: God is Dead
The suicide bomber walked in the door
Nobody cared everyone ignored
He passed us by like a tear in the rain
Just another face on the subway train

The look in his eye was far, far away
This was to be his judgment day
Strapped to his back is the song of my death
My last hour, my last breath..

The silence is upon me now
Don't care why, don’t care how
Drifting on into the light
No more dark, no more night

Flying high like a bird on a wing
I see, my love, hear the angels sing
Feels so good like a spike in the vein
This was the day that the angels came

I disappear into the light
Mother Earth holds me tight
Somewhere a new born baby cries,
Somewhere a shooting star flies by.

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