Nation of Assholes
Lingua: Inglese

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Una canzone contro la "Nazione di stronzi" guerrafondai del presidente Bush. Tutti i testi presenti su sono assai espliciti nell'opposizione al presidente di "Jesusland"...
Nation of Assholes, Nation of Assholes
I live in a country that's a Nation of Assholes
Idiots and morons, shitheads and jerks
I'm always amazed that anything still works

Flag waving dickheads all up in my face
spouting their bullshit all over the place
I try to ignore them, I try to buck up
But now I just wish that they would shut the fuck up

The oil cartels raise the price as they please
because of these assholes and their damn suv's
With all the pollution and the prices of gas
It all goes to prove they've got their heads up their ass

September 11th hit us like a bomb
Osama attacked us so we captured Saddam
The Iraq occupation makes my teeth gnash
'cause it's not about freedom, it's all about cash

Nation of Assholes, Nation of Assholes
We live in a country thats a Nation of Assholes
Wishing and hoping against all my fears
But then they elected a sphincter with ears.....twice

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 20/3/2005 - 22:11

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