No More Silence

Clan Dyken
Lingua: Inglese

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Dall'album "Spell Breaker" (2004)
Testo e musica di Darryl Purpose

"Written by Darryl Purpose of the band Collective Vision. CV formed on the Great Peace March in 1986 at the height of the Ronald Reagan Cold War. The March crossed the country and went to the Soviet Union. CV opened an international concert headlined by Santana,in Moscow. Clan Dyken style folk with a reggae sort of feel and a Bear rhyme inserted in the middle. Very topical in this election season."
I'll tell you a story and it won't take too long
About the people from the fancy land who know right from wrong
They got a serious sense of pride and they want to be strong
But they won't be around in the end to say what went wrong

I don't want to live in ground zero no more
I don't want to push war with my silence
I don't want to love fear or fear love no more
No more silence
No more silence

I'll tell you a story and it won't take too long
About the boy from the fancy house who knows right from wrong
He's got a serious sense of pride and he wants to belong
But he won't be around in the end to say what went wrong


So let me tell you a little story about junior Georgie
Ever since he stole the election he's been making history
When the planes into the buildings slammed he soon bombed Afghanistan
And his daddy and his buddies were getting fat on war money
He never once did slow he never once looked back
The whole world said NO! he said yes let's bomb Iraq
He had to cook up some fiction, sex up his diction,
keep the people scared for fear of weapons of mass destruction
He had to lie he had to spy he had to deny those who asked why
In the end he said "we're the super power we'll decide who'll die
Besides we got cash and weapons stacked up to the sky
We need to use 'em we need to lose 'em we need a war that's what they're for
Then he said he was talking directly to the big guy
He's got a hot line to the god mind and god said to the victor goes the spoils
And to the American corporations goes all the Iraqis oil
And by the way move over we'll take over if you please
Shucks, damn, we still didn't find any wmds
Flash to a picture of Rumsfield shaking hands with Saddam Hussein
They're setting 'em up and knocking them down and setting 'em right back up again
Talking tough on the terrorists when everybody knows ya
Daddy was running guns and drugs with the Ayatollah
And what ever really happened with Manuel Noriega
And Pinochet, we could go on all day about these guys that used to work for the CIA
Working to make the people of the world feel the way the people of the world feel today
And then junior Georgie bowed his head and prayed for the Jewish souls that were lost
He said that we should never ever forget about the Nazi Holocaust
He said that guys like Hitler shouldn't get no more chances
I bet he hopes nobody checks into his Granddaddy's finances
You see making profit off of war is in the family
Prescott Bush in World War 2 was in thick with the Nazis
Using polish slaves from Auschwitz to make the Third Reich's steel
To make the guns and bombs and bullets the American boys would feel
Money money was made hand over fist
Bush was doing business with the fascists
Money money was made where did it go?
It's in the family coffers and it still does flow
Like the blood that was spilt from the people who were killed
And the voices of injustice that will never be stilled
Echoing down through history 'til it's in your living room
If the rat gets away with the cheese he's coming back real soon
We can talk and talk all day it really doesn't matter
What matters is the future and what they got on the platter
Exporting more fear and repression and high tech violence
We need some answers we need some justice
We need no more secrets and we need
No more silence
No more silence
No more silence
No more silence

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