Watch Over Them

Ms. Dynamite
Lingua: Inglese

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(Ms. Dynamite)
(Ms. Dynamite)

written & performed by Ms Dynamite
from the album "A Little Deeper"
© 2002 Polydor Ltd (UK)

MsDynamite A litle Deeper 1 2002
everyday i wake i feel like crying
every second i feel like praying
everywhere i turn my people dying
brothers and sisters now listen what i'm saying

i don't really feel like writing
and i don't really feel like singing
cause everywhere i look my people fighting
and its our own that we're killing

the same gunmen that cry bout suppression
of the white man and his racist oppression
go a church and give God his confession
gun in his pocket and crack in his possession

damn hypocrite don't be disillusioned
yeah life is tough but that's not no solution
you g'wan like yer brave that's an illusion
brave man wouldn't kill his own
would start a revolution

gunman and too much drug man
what are we showing
the youts dem
we should be protecting
instead we're destroying
oh Father watch over them

16/11/2004 - 15:25

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