Iraq Has Deadly Weapons

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Album: Self-titled [2003]
Iraq has deadly weapons
They're deadly as can be
And in that boiling desert
They are aimed at you and me
They can strike with little warning
And tear your life to shreds
And if we don't disarm them
We all will end up dead

Iraq has deadly weapons
And they're faster than before
They burn and choke and pulverize
They fly from shore to shore
They can kill you in an instant
I've seen the way they work
And at the back end of the barrel
A killer's sure to lurk

Iraq has deadly weapons
To have them is a crime
As they slowly become larger
With the passing on of time
I can see them making chaos
In a foreign city sky
Poison gassing villages
And making widows cry

Iraq has deadly weapons
They watch the people mourn
And all those starving children
Are lucky they were born
Because life is just a joke
To the ones who make the plans
They'd kill you in an instant
If you challenge their command

Iraq has deadly weapons
They've been bragging of their might
But you may never see them
Because they keep them out of sight
And if the news gets near enough
To photograph the dead
The networks will not air them
They'll lie to you instead

Iraq has deadly weapons
And in the wake of an attack
If a nuke is somehow fired
We'll just nuke them back
So as the world grows safer
And the terror code is raised
I'll fight this fight forever
And dream of better days

Iraq has deadly weapons
But not the ones you think
They aren't owned by Saddam Hussein
Or an Al Qeida link
They're positioned in that desert
To take your life away
And the killers at the trigger
Will probably never pay

Iraq has deadly weapons
And the newspaper agreed
They had a mushroom cloud on the front page
It was genocide indeed
Money, murder, power
It wasn't hard to see
And the burning Baghdad skyline
Looked like New York to me

Iraq has deadly weapons
And they murder everyday
They're DU shells and helicopters
Tanks and green berets
And the military generals
Who need to be replaced
Are in both Iraq
And the United States

Iraq has deadly weapons
You may think it's all a joke
But as the bodies of our loved ones
Vanish in the smoke
The violence will escalate
More flowers for the dead
I hope these killers realize
The path they've paved ahead

Iraq has deadly weapons
But they weren't there before
They we're placed their by your government
When they started this war
And they will surely remain there
Until our dying day
Unless the people of this country rise
And throw it all away.

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