The M.S.T.

Mike Stout
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Lyrics & music by C. Michael Stout
Album: Americana Dreams
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Noted activist, Noam Chomsky, calls the MST (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra) the world's most important social movement. Southern Brazil's rural workers are striving to improve the economic plight of the dispossessed and poor..

There's a movement in the south of Brazil called the MST;
Landless rural workers with the steam and the dream to be free;
A horizontal force on a course for a destiny.
Thinkin' out of the box, building blocks for a new society.
Born in the gorges, dead seas of poverty;
Steeled in the forges, heats of adversity,
A new way to see reality – they're the MST.

Out in the fields, southern hills of the global food chain,
Tested and steeled, doing battle with Goliath again.
Up against the guns and mega-funds of the soy profiteers,
Political whores, evil warlords of violence and fear;
A new kind of woman, a new kind of man,
New ways to relate, irrigate and work the land;
Teachin' common people how to think for themselves,
How to share the wealth and be a family called the MST.

Some of the best things happening these years,
Come from the southern hemisphere.
Maybe we got something to learn,
As far as I'm concerned, freedom burns with the MST.

Creative, innovative, democratic to the core;
Goin' places, doing things they've never done before.
Standin' strong and tall against the whirlwinds of greed
Knockin' down the walls of poverty - they're the MST.

Some of the best things happening these years,
Come from the southern hemisphere.
Maybe you and me got something to learn;
As far as I'm concerned, the tide has turned with the MST.

with the MST... (Remember!) with the MST... with the MST...

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