Too Young to Die

Barbara Lee George
Language: English

Lyrics & music by Barbara Lee George ©
Barbara Lee George

“A tribute to our brothers and sisters lost to war..”

Line up:
Barbara Lee George (vocals & guitar),
Even Steven Levee (bass),
Al Orlo (guitar),
Additional musicians include:
Cecil Hooker (violin), Yoshi Kikkawa (cello), Roderick Kohn (sitar/guitar synth, hammond organ), Andy Bigan (drums), Steve Wolf (drums), Phoenix Rivera (drums), Gerardo Velez (percussion), Miguel Valez (percussion), Steve Nichol (piano), Chris Famah Fletcher (Piano), Eric Johnson (piano), David Snider (keys, guitar), Scott Kreitzer (flute), Christian Ravaglioli (oboe, duduk, english horn) and rapper TRP (Gun Hill)

Too Young to Die
Ring around the rosie,
pocket full of posies,
Ashes, ashes

Young too young,
Young too young…

A folded flag and still more soldiers have to fight
You pray dear God protect each one throughout the night
A hopeless face becomes the one you start to know
And you’re left asking why we ever have to go

Young too young,
too young to die…
Young too young,
too young to die

You were meant for love but off to war you were sent
Thou shall not is just a rule the powers bent
Can we fuel peace or must a war always be fed
for those we’ve lost there are no words that can be said but…

Young too young,
too young to die…
Young too young,
too young ...

Our sons and daughter are the ones we send to go
without a chance to dance, to love and to grow
What do we offer? Can’t give them back their time…
A special place in Heaven for the victims of these crimes

War, the penalty for lost humanity
War, a crime, a debt, a price that’s paid by you and me
War, to abide in peace is really not all that tough
War, if we the people just declare enough’s enough

You’re young
too young,
too young to die …
You’re young
too young,
too young to die…

Ashes, ashes…

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