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Inspired by the tragic events of the ship full of immigrants which was sunk by people-smugglers killing an estimated 500 people having set sail from the Egyptian port of Damietta in October 2014. "Lampedusa" imagines the journey through the eyes of one of the victims, full of hope, escaping the war torn regimes of the middle-east. The second half of the song depicts the brutal sinking of the ship by traffickers.
Distant fires
Pushed through the desert lands
Infidel in the promise land

All were dreaming
Of distant shores
Poor forsaken and wretched souls

Trusted promises of
Thieves and liars
Safe passage to the land of your dreams

Wave goodbye to
Everything you’ve known
No longer a place to call home

Small boat
Listing over
Not a living soul for a hundred miles or more

All singing out as the water rushed in
Prayers unanswered, they just made a din

Washing over and over

Washing over and over
500 souls lost to the sea

Oh the ocean floor
Forever more
500 souls lost to the sea

Lampedusa bound
Never to be found
500 souls lost to the sea...

Contributed by Dq82 - 2020/4/21 - 19:45

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