Oi sodan surkeutta

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This little song, powerful in all its simplicity, came to my mind when translating Ach, Krieg, Krieg!. The origin of the song is unknown. It has been first written down in 1891 for the archives of the Finnish Literature Society and published by Merja Hurri in her 1982 book Rauhanlauluja, Peace Songs.

Oi sodan surkeutta!
Siit' auta, Jumala!
Ei ole pelastusta,
jos sota saavuttaa.

Se riistää kalmistoihin
kaikk' ilman armotta
ja peittää raunioihin,
mit' rauha rakentaa.

Contributed by Juha Rämö - 2019/4/13 - 13:16

Language: English

Traduzione inglese / English translation / Traduction anglaise / Englanninkielinen käännös: Juha Rämö

O miserable war!
God forbid!
There's no redemption
for those caught by war.

It brings into an early grave
all of us without mercy
and ruins everything
created by peace.

Contributed by Juha Rämö - 2019/4/13 - 13:17

Language: German

Traduzione tedesca / German translation / Traduction allemande / Saksankielinen käännös: Juha Rämö

Ach, elendiger Krieg!
Gott bewahre!
Verloren sind alle,
die der Krieg erwischt.

Gnadenlos ins Grab
reißt er Alt und Jung
und legt in Ruinen,
was der Frieden geschaffen hat.

Contributed by Juha Rämö - 2019/4/13 - 17:11

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