War Crimes

John Hamilton
Language: English

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Lyrics are reproduced from the Repertory of the Strawberry Thieves Choir (downloadable .doc file)
War Crime! War Crime!
Is it a war Crime to kill six million Jews?
Yes! But carpet bomb a German town
or raze Hiroshima to the ground?
War Crime? That's not a War Crime.
For history and justice are
Made by those in power.

War Crime! Vietnam War Crime!
Is it a war Crime to spray
agent orange over the trees
Causing birth deformities?
War Crime? That's not a War Crime.
So Kissinger and Nixon were
Never put on trial.

War Crime! Iraqi War Crime!
Is it a war Crime to gas a thousand Kurds?
Yes! With mustard gas from U. S. A.
Saddam's friends looked the other way.
Then changed their minds, destroyed Iraq,
Saddam's been tried but they have not.
War Crime? It wasn't a War Crime
Till Pax Americana began to take its toll.

War Crime! Sixty year War Crime!
Is it a war Crime to murder, bomb and maim?
Yes! They've seized the land of Palestine,
Behave like gangsters all the time.
Abducting civilians, bulldozing homes,
Shooting children for throwing stones.
Diverting water, ruining crops,
Will these war crimes ever stop?

Yes! But not while Israel exists as a state made for the chosen few
Where lives of Palestinian folk are worth much less than lives of Jews.
Peaceful co-existence is not possible with a country governed by war criminals.
Encouraged and financed by the United States, we need to pin the blame on all who perpetrate

War Crimes there will be war crimes
Unless we take a stand and put these criminals on trial.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/4/24 - 21:44

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