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Standing at the door of the one-hundred year anniversary of WWI, and with the current turmoil in Iraq magnifying to such an intense degree, it might well be an appropriate time to raise these questions surrounding war and collectively take a second look at the grim reality of war.

Alle soglie del centenario della prima guerra mondiale, e con il conflitto in Iraq che si sta facendo sempre più intenso, è forse il momento opportuno per sollevare queste domande sulla guerra e insieme dare un'ulteriore occhiata alla triste realtà della guerra.


Nel video della canzone compare Joe Glenton, un soldato inglese che si è rifiutato di ripartire per il secondo turno di servizio in Afghanistan ed è stato condannato a nove mesi di prigione per AWOL (Absent Without Leave), rischiando anche l'accusa di diserzione che può comportare una pena fino ai dieci anni di reclusione.

Nella scena finale del video Joe indossa un papavero bianco, in contrapposizione con la tradizione dei papaveri rossi, che nel mondo anglosassone vengono usati durante il Remembrance Day. "Credo che coloro che hanno perso la vita devono essere ricordati e commemorati. Ma credo che sia illogico piangere la perdita di giovani vite indossando un simbolo che indirettamente glorifica la guerra. Per questo ho scelto il papavero bianco".

Each line in the song is a different question I had in relation to war. I find that when attempting to make change, a question can be more powerful than a statement. For example, when an activist shares information in an impassioned way, they run the risk of being seen as preachy or somebody with an agenda. This usually creates a snap response of ‘I’m not going to listen to you’ and in turn creates a barrier between people and the information. Sometimes instead of sharing information or a specific viewpoint, it can be more effective to ask a good question that arouses a genuine interest and prompts a search for truth.

Leggere An anti-war anthem has been re-released. And its timing for Remembrance Sunday is perfect.
What would you do if it was your family?
Your town in pure anarchy?
If it was your house you were forced out of casually?
If it was your blood, your son or your mums?
They’re running on your funds, so aren’t these your guns?
How can it be a “war” if only one side declares it?
Where are their kids on the front line or air strip?
Why do we serve a queen? When did we turn to sheep?
Why do we murder leaders when they seek an urgent peace?
What’s violence? How would you define it?
Isn’t it support of a war if we’re silent?
Couldn’t we have fought instead of falling for their rise?
(But they invade in our names and we don’t bat an eyelid!)
Why do we go to prison for protest?
Isn’t it grotesque? Is this the kingdom you co-rep?
When will the questions end? What’s their reason?
How can you reach peace without freedom?

Why? Why sit in silence when their men have guns up?
Oh yes I wonder… Why?
Why sit in silence when their men have guns up?
Oh yes I wonder why…

Am I weak for compassion? Is peace not an action?
Do soldiers wanna shoot or are they used for their passion?
How many soldiers really know what they're fighting for?
Would the reasons differ? Are they quite sure?
If Bush wore a cross does it mean the war was God's?
Or is it blasphemy and actually a con?
Isn’t National Defence just an actual attack?
So many wanna love, where’s the manual for that?
Take a life or serve life? Murder or treason?
Wasn’t that the choice for all the boys they were leading?
Do we want a war when the ones that went before all marched out to cheers but returned as a secret?
When the next war begins, will it be you who fights it?
And if we do fight, will it be you who decides it?
Are we not a factor? Are you not their number?
Am I just a mad man? Do you never wonder?!

Why? Why sit in silence when their men have guns up?
Oh yes I wonder… Why?
Why sit in silence when their men have guns up?
Oh yes I wonder why…

Why? Why sit in silence when their men have guns up?
Oh yes I wonder… Why?
Why sit in silence when their men have guns up?
Oh yes I wonder why…

2018/3/30 - 19:10

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