The World's Too Small

Alan Train
Language: English

From/da Songs For Change

"Alan Train is from Lanarkshire, Scotland. He recently returned from New York where he's been working with his band The Trains. Although it doesn't mention the word 'war', Alan feels his song, The World's Too Small, is a positive peace song."
How many times do you have to ask
The answer never gets you far
You're not sure on what your life is for
But you're doing all you can

What changes should you plan to make
And what difference would it make
If you look beyond your doubts and fears
Happy-ness isn't far away

We don't have to be fantastic
We don't even have to be able to walk on the moon
We won't have to live forever
You can write your life off changing yourself
What's the point in being gigantic
The world's too small
Why the need for domination
Can't we just be one nation
We won't have to live forever
You can write your life off changing yourself

Sometimes miracles can life our hearts
Sometimes pain can make us fall
What makes every one so different
Can only be skin deep

What's the deal with being the 'only' one
There's millions more - just like you
Hold your head up and join the team
Cause happiness isn't far away


Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/3/12 - 00:09

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