War, Lies & Lives

James Donaldson
Language: English

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Sometimes I Get So Lonely
(James Donaldson)

Copyright August 2006

"A song by Scottish singer-songwriter James Donaldson."
(Anche stavolta da Songs For Change ci proviene un commento davvero assai esteso)
Gunmetal, noise, hot oil, carnage on the streets
Blood bakes on arid soil, from below white sheets
He wrote his last ‘ Dear Mother ‘, always the loving one
Those brave young boys, they found no picnic, under in this Iraqi sun

It pains, it hurts bad , they lay in black bags
Mothers pray with broken hearts

It started out so simple, so very plain to see
Packed up all they needed, a new-found belief
The best, they had been promised, unemployment gone
Hail, the new beginning, on ground, sea, airborne

It pains, it hurts bad, when they don’t come back
So much for this Brand New Start

The Koran or The Talmud, or Bible, say, from John
‘He that hates his brother, is in darkness’ from now on
One year sees another, how can they justify
A body count still rising, from a war that’s built on greed and politicians lies

It pains , it hurts bad, the coffin’s draped flag
A piper plays, someone say’s “ but for the Grace of God, go I “

Is there an answer ? …this endless chain…..this evil cancer
They cry God’s name in vain


Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/3/11 - 20:26

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