Last Man Standing

Malachy Tallack
Language: English

From/Da Songs For Change

"Malachy Tallack is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter living in Fair Isle, Shetland, who has two albums of my own songs. 'This song was written after hearing a radio news feature about the last remaining British veterans of World War I. The report was discussing whether or not the last veteran to die should be given a state funeral. But it did not discuss whether or not they would want one. I wrote the song from the perspective of the last veteran, who has seen his country betray all of the ideals that he held, and who certainly does not want to be buried with a Union Jack.' "
90 years go by, like clouds in an autumn sky,
Like words lost in endless conversations.
In dreams we build our perfect worlds
Our hearts made strong, our fingers curled
Round stones cast from our imagination.
But some stones never crumble or collide
As from our dreams they’re torn
With these stones I have travelled all my life
And I’m still holding on.

I’ve stood with men in fields of mud
And trenches filled with shit and blood
I’ve felt the burn of tears and perspiration.
I’ve seen friends and brothers die
And I remember every crime that I
Committed in the name of my nation.
But sometimes I have to wonder what it’s worth
This world that I must leave.
As all our hopes are squaundered and destroyed
By emptiness and greed.

When I lay down in that cold ground,
I don’t want their flag wrapped around me.
When I lay down in that cold, cold ground...

I’m not a superstitious man, I’ve always done the best I can
I’ve never had a god to light my way.
But I kept my faith in fellow men and I swore I’d never fight again
Cause nothing is worth the sacrifice we gave.
They say we cannot forget those brave souls
Who fought their country’s cause
But it’s them who must remember what was lost
In their war to end all wars.

When I lay down in that cold ground,
I don’t want their flag wrapped around me
When I lay down....

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/3/11 - 17:43

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