Promised Land

David Rovics
Language: English

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[February 2003]
Lyrics and music by David Rovics
Testo e musica di David Rovics
Da/From "Return"
David Rovics' Official Website

"Everyone can, and must, be understood. This is a song from the perspective of Mohamed Atta." -David Rovics.

NOTA. Per chi non lo avesse presente, Mohamed Atta รจ stato il capo del commando degli attentati dell'11 settembre.
Life could've been different
You think I don't know
I could've been born in Paris
Or in the Wisconsin snow
But I'm from this desert
And here I will stand
And I will meet you in the promised land

You know I went to college
To be an engineer
Thought I'd do something useful
But what good is that here
When your jet fighters bomb
Any buildings that stand
I will meet you in the promised land

The life of the fighter
I didn't choose
But I love my people
And I can follow your cues
If destroying our world
Is your leader's command
Then I will meet you in the promised land

My name is Mohamed
But I don't know if it's true
If we go anyplace better
When our life here is through
But you have butchered my family
You must understand
So I will meet you in the promised land

I know it's not pretty
But for all that you've done
For all the widows and orphans
And all the wars that you've won
I must teach you a lesson
Maybe you'll understand
I will meet you in the promised land

So I will get in this plane
And when it's in the air
To your symbols of power
And our source of despair
I'll look out through the cockpit
And steady my hand
And I will meet you in the promised land.

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