Bone Soldiers

Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers
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Lyrics & Music by Steve Lambke
Album: Bone Soldiers
Bone Soldiers
"With Bone Soldiers I wrote with that in mind to some extent. This time it's teeth and the military and… some sort of prophetic or visionary reality. I'm unsure how to explain that part of it. There are appeals made to higher powers. There's also lots of talk about men and women..
When I was writing these songs I had a conversation with Simone Schmidt from One Hundred Dollars and she told me that their record was going to be called Songs of Man. I said «Me too!»."
Don't you know I tried to please
you with courage, my companion,
And the cunning of my absence?
Don't you know I tried to please you?

And I know that you were hungry
for beauty and for truth,
But everyone's got to chew
and everyone's got to eat to live.

I got a mouth
Full of trouble.
I got a mouth
full of trouble.
I got 16 bone soldiers
lined up in a row !

Money's like a crooked tooth,
I want to see it smile
When I'm buying what's been discounted
for the rot.
I want to see you, snaggletooth.
I want to see you smile,
naked, underneath those
restaurant lights.

I got a mouth
full of trouble.
I got 16 bone soldiers
lined up in a row..

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