Peace on Earth

Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers
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Lyrics & Music by Steve Lambke
Album: Bone Soldiers


"Peace On Earth"
Disorder in the mirror,
A mess of snarling teeth
Speaking in all things
Are change.
And my face a kind of proof-beast
Whose nature's
Jumped its chain.

And I could fill the sink
With all of my blood and error.
Blood red like a beetroot.
A drop of blood in the ocean
Of god's green earth.
So sing, "Peace!
Holy Peace on Earth!"
Like a curse of peace.

An old man looks back at me
with no eyes or blood or teeth
and he says, "Brother, we are both so young!"

So sing "Peace!
Holy Peace on Earth!"
like a curse of Peace!
Holy Peace on Earth!

Contributed by giorgio - 2013/1/31 - 08:15

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