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Palestina song
(Mario Salis)
ما عاد بدو
(Khebez Dawle / خبز دولة)
Trump@, Cavallo di ritorno palestinese

Album “‎دخـــــان الـــبــــراكــيـــن‎” (“Smoke of the Volcanoes”) del 1984‎
Versi di Mahmoud Darwish / ‎محمود درويش‎ dalla raccolta “‎أوراق الـزيـتـون‎” (Awraq Al-Zaytun), ‎‎“Leaves of olives”, “Foglie d’olivi”.‎
Musica di Said Murad e Sabreen Group‎
Testo in arabo trovato qui

Smoke Of The Volcanoes sabreen
وضعوا على فمه السلاسلْ
رابطوا يديه بصخرة الموتى ’
وقالوا : أنت قاتلْ !
أخذوا طعامَهُ ’ والملابسَ ’ والبيارقْ
ورموه في زنزانة الموتى ,
وقالوا : أنت سارقْ !
طردوه من كل المرافئْ
أخذوا حبيبته الصغيرة ’
ثم قالوا : أنتا لاجئْ!
يا دامي العينين , والكفين !
إن الليل زائلْ
لا غرفةُ التوقيف باقيةٌ
ولا زَرَدُ السلاسلْ !
نيرون مات ’ ولم تمت روما...
بعينيها تقاتلْ !
وحبوبُ سنبلةٍ تموت
ستملأُ الوادي سنابلْ..!

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Language: English

Traduzione inglese dal libretto del disco “A Time To Cry. A Lament Over Jerusalem”, di Rim ‎Banna, Nai Barghouti, Wissam Murad e Jawaher Shofani, registrato e prodotto in Norvegia nel ‎‎2010.‎

They put the chains on his mouth
They tied his hands to the Dead Rock,‎
And Said: You’re a murderer!‎
They took his food, clothes and pitchers,‎
And through him in the Dead Cell,‎
And said: You’re a thief!‎
They kicked him out of all ports,‎
They took his little beloved one,‎
And said: You’re a refugee!‎
O you, the one with the bleeding eyes and palms!‎
The night is soon to be gone,‎
Neither the interrogation room is going to last
Nor the chains are!‎
Nero died, but Rome didn’t
With its eyes, it’s fighting!‎
And the seeds of a dead wheat,‎
Will fill up the valley with more wheat!‎

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Language: Italian

Traduzione italiana di Francesca Maria Corrao dal volume di M. Darwish, “La mia ferita è una ‎lampada ad olio”, De Angelis Editore, 2006‎

Con il ferro incatenarono la bocca
al sasso della morte legarono le mani,
gli dissero: Assassino!‎

Gli tolsero il cibo, gli abiti e i lampi
lanciarono il corpo nel ventre della morte
gli dissero: Ladro!‎

Bandito da ogni porto
gli tolsero il suo piccolo amore
gli dissero: Profugo!‎

Oh sangue mio
degli occhi e delle mani
breve è la notte
piccola la cella
e poco resiste il ferro!
Nerone è morto, Roma non muore …
Con lo sguardo uccide!
La spiga muore
La valle inonda il grano!‎

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Language: Italian

Altra traduzione italiana da “E' morto Darwish, poeta dell'epopea palestinese”, articolo di Cecilia ‎Zecchinelli su Il Corriere della Sera dell’11 agosto 2008.‎

Con il ferro incatenarono la bocca
al sasso della morte legarono le mani,
gli dissero: tu sei un assassino!

Gli tolsero il cibo, gli abiti, le bandiere
lo gettarono nella cella della morte
gli dissero: tu sei un ladro!
Bandito da ogni porto
gli tolsero il suo piccolo amore
gli dissero: tu sei un profugo!

Oh tu che hai le palme e gli occhi che stanno sanguinando!
la notte sparirà
non resterà la cella
né il tintinnio delle catene!
Nerone è morto, non è morta Roma …
lo sguardo lotta!
I chicchi della spiga muoiono
e la vallata si riempirà di spighe..!‎

Contributed by Dead End - 2012/11/20 - 11:43

#GazaUnderAttack | Names and ages of killed people in the ongoing Israeli attacks ‎on Gaza

Because we are NOT just numbers, keep following this post of the names and ‎ages of murdered people who fell victim during the past days of Israeli attacks on Gaza since ‎Wednesday. The number rises to 110 and still rising: I hope that this battle will cost us no more ‎souls. However, nothing will depress us, no matter how much Israel escalates its inhumanity and ‎crimes. We’ll remain ready to pay any price for attaining of freedom and dignity. Every drop of ‎your blood has just made our Palestinian soil smell more beautiful and precious and raised our ‎determination to keep fighting for your justice and the just cause you paid your lives for. RIP.‎

‎1- Ahmad Al-Ja’bary, 52 years old.
‎2-Mohammed Al-hams, 28 years old.
‎3- Rinan Arafat, 7 years old.
‎4- Omar Al-Mashharawi, 11 moonths old.
‎5-Essam Abu-Alma’za, 20 years old.
‎6-Mohammed Al-qaseer, 20 years old.
‎7- Heba Al-Mashharawi, six-month pregnant, 19 years old.
‎8- Mahmoud Abu Sawawin, 65 years old.‎

‎9- Habis Hassan Mismih, 29 years old.
‎10- Wael Haidar Al-Ghalban, 31 years old.
‎11- Hehsam Mohammed Al-Ghalban, 31 years old.
‎12- Rani Hammad, 29 years old.
‎13- Khaled Abi Nasser, 27 year old.
‎14- Marwan Abu Al-Qumsan, 52 years old.
‎15- Walid Al-Abalda, 2 years old.
‎16- Hanin Tafesh, 10 months old.
‎17- Oday Jammal Nasser, 16 years old.
‎18- Fares Al-Basyouni, 11 years old.
‎19- Mohammed Sa’d Allah, 4 years old.
‎20- Ayman Abu Warda, 22 years old.
‎21- Tahrir Suliman, 20 years old.
‎22- Ismael Qandil, 24 years old.
‎23- younis Kamal Tafesh, 55 years old.
‎24- Mohammed Talal Suliman, 28 years old.
‎25- Amjad Mohammed Abu-Jalal, 32 years old.
‎26- Ziyad Farhan Abu-Jalal, 23 years old.
‎27- Ayman Mohammed Abu Jalal, 44 years old.
‎28- Hassan Salem Al-Heemla’, 27 years old.
‎29- Khaled Khalil Al-Shaer, 24 years old.
‎30- Ayman Rafeeq sleem, 26 years old.
‎31- Ahmad Abu Musamih, 32 years old.‎

At 8:20 am, as a result to an Israeli inhumane attack on Deel Al-Balah, central Gaza, three people ‎were killed. The list of murdered victims goes longer‎

‎32- Osama Musa Abdeljawad, 27 years old.
‎33- Ashraf Hassan Darwish, 22 years old.
‎34- Ali Abdul HakimAl-Mana’ma, 20 years old

At 8:45 am_ 9:00 am, warplanes attacked several places including Rafah, Khan-Younis, and Tal Al-‎Sultan, southern Gaza, leaving three killed

‎35`- Mukhlis Edwan, 30 years old.
‎36- Mohammed Al-Loulhy, 24 years old.
‎37- Ahmad Al-Atrush, 22 years old.‎

In a series of attacks on several places on central Gaza at noon, two more people fell victim:‎

‎38- Abderrahman Al-Masri, 31 years old.‎
‎39- Awad Hamdi Al-Nahhal, 23 years old.
‎40- Ali Hassan Iseed, 25 years old, killed in an attack on his motorbike in Deer Al-Balah, central ‎Gaza, at 8:10 pm, Novebmer 17.‎

IOF attack another motorbike in Deer Al-Balah at 8:20 pm, leaving two more killed:‎

‎41- Mohammed Sabry Al’weedat, 25 years old.
‎42- Osama Yousif Al-Qadi, 26 years old.‎

In an attack on central Gaza, to the west of Al-Masdar area, at 9:10 pm, two more people people ‎killed:‎

‎43- Ahmad Ben Saeed, 42 years old.
‎44- Hani Bre’m, 31 years old.‎

At 9:40 pm, Israel attacked Qdeih family’s house in west Khan-Younis, Southern Gaza and a ‎woman got killed:‎

‎45- Samaher Qdeih, 28 years old.
‎46- Tamer Al-Hamry, 26 years old, died after being seriously injured in an attack on Deer Al-‎Balah.‎

On November 18, the fifth day of the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza.‎
Israeli warplanes shelled the house of Abu-Alfoul family in northern Gaza, killing two children and ‎injuring at 13 at least, mostly children and women.‎

‎47- Gumana Salamah Abu Sufyan, 1 year old.‎
‎48- Tamer Salamah Abu Sufyan, 3 years old.‎

An Israeli warplanes fired missiles at a house that belongs to the family of Abu Nuqira in Rafah ‎killing one person:‎

‎49- Muhamed Abu Nuqira‎

An Israeli war plane fired a missile at a house in an agricultural land east of Bureij camp, in the ‎Central Gaza Strip, killing one child and injuring 2 other children:‎

‎50- Eyad Abu Khusa, 18 months old.‎

Two people were killed, one of them a child, when an Israeli missile hit a beachfront refugee camp ‎in Gaza City:‎

‎51- Tasneem Zuheir Al-Nahhal, 13 years old.‎

‎52- Ahmad Essam Al-Nahhal, 25 years old.‎

Medics also reported finding the body of woman under the rubble of a house in eastern Gaza City ‎who had been killed in a strike earlier in the morning.‎

‎53- Nawal Abdelaal, 52 years old.‎

At 3:10 pm, November 18, Israel rocked a house belongs to Al-Dalou family in Sheikh-Redwan ‎area, west Gaza, killing at least 10 people, including 4 women and 4 children:‎

‎54- Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, the father.‎
‎55- Ranin Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 5 years old.‎
‎56- Jamal Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 7 year old.‎
‎57- Yousef Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 10 years old.‎
‎58- Ibrahim Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 1 year old.‎
‎59- Jamal Al-Dalou, the grandfather.‎
‎60- Sulafa Al Dalou, 46 years old‎
‎61- Samah Al-Dalou, 25 years old
‎62- Tahani Al-Dalou, 50 years old
‎63- Ameina Matar Al-Mzanner, 83 years old.‎
‎64- Abdallah Mohammed Al-Mzanner, 23 years old.‎

Soon after Al-Dalou massacre, 2 more were killed, a father and his son, in an attack on a car for ‎water supply in northern Gaza:‎

‎65- Suheil Hamada, 53 years old.‎

‎66- Mo’men Suheil Hamada, 13 years old.‎

In an airstrike that targeted Nussairat camp after that two people were murdered and 10 at least got ‎injured:‎

‎67- Atiyya Mubarak, 55 years old.‎
‎68- Hussam Abu Shaweish, 35 years old.‎

‎69- Samy Al-Ghfeir, 22 years old, killed in an attack on Shijaiyya area, west Gaza.‎

‎70- Mohammed Bakr Al-Of, 24 years old, killed in an attack on Al-Yarmouk st. in Gaza city.‎

At 8:00 pm, November 18, the ministry of health in Gaza has reported that Israel has risen the death ‎toll in Gaza to 69, including 20 children, 8 women, and 9 elderly people. Moreover, Over 660 ‎person got injured since Wednesday, including 224 children, 113 women, and 50 elderly people.
At 10:00 pm, November 18, an Israeli warplane attacked a motorbike near the ministry of finance ‎roundabout, west Gaza, killing a father and his son:‎

‎71- Ahmad Abu Amra, 42 years old.
‎72- Nabil Ahmad Abu Amra, 20 years old.‎

At 10:10 pm, November 18, an Israeli warplane rocked a house belong to Nasser family near Abu-‎Sharekh crossroad in northern Gaza, killing a child and his father:‎

‎73- Hussein Jalal Nasser, 8 years old.‎
‎74- Jalal Nasser‎

On November 19, the sixth day of the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza.‎
At 12:10 am, an Israeli warplane attacked Mahmoud Al-Hashash house in Rafah killing one ‎woman:‎

‎75- Sabha Al-Hashash, 60 years old.‎

At 1:00 am, an Israeli warplane rocked a car in Rafah killing two people:‎

‎76- Saif Al-Deen Sadeq
‎77- Ahmad Hussein Al-Agha.‎

‎78- Emad Abu Hamda, 30 years old, killed after being seriously injured in as a drone fired a rocket ‎at Beach camp, west Gaza.‎

‎79- Mohammed Jindiyya, mentally disabled, killed in an attack on Helles roundabout in Shijaiyya, ‎west Gaza.‎

At 4:10 am, Israel committed another atrocious crime shelling a house belong to Azzam family that ‎is full of children. 3 people were killed in this attack and at least 40 injured. Medics said that more ‎than 15 children have arrived Shifaa hospital, three of them are in a very critical condition:‎

‎80- Mohammed Iyad Abu Zour, 4 years old.‎
‎81- Nisma Abu Zour, 19 years old.‎
‎82-Sahar Abu Zour
‎83- Ahed Al-Qattaty, 38 years old.‎

‎84- Al-Abd Mohammed Al-Attar, killed in an attack on Beit-Lahya, northern Gaza at 6:00 am.‎

‎85- Rama Al-Shandi, 1 YEAR OLD, killed as four F16s airstrikes hit former security compound ‎Al-Saraya in Gaza City.‎

In an Israeli attack on Al-Qarara area to the south of the Gaza Strip, two farmers were killed at 8:50 ‎am:‎

‎86. Ibrahim Suleiman al-Astal, 46 years old.‎
‎87. Omar Mahmoud Mohammed al-Astal, 14 years old.‎

As a warplane rocked a motorbike in Khan-Younis, southern the Gaza Strip, two people were ‎killed:‎

‎88. Abdullah Harb Abu Khater (21)‎
‎89. Mahmoud Saeed Abu Khater (34)‎

An Apache warplane fired a rocket at a car in Al-Berka street in Deer Al-Balah, killing three ‎people:‎

‎90. Rashid ‘Alyan Abu ‘Amra (45)‎
‎91. Amin Zuhdi Bashir (40)‎
‎92. Tamer Rushdi Bashir (30)‎

‎93- Hussam Abdeljawad, killed as an F16 rocked his car in Saftawi street, northern Gaza, at 2:25 ‎pm.‎

‎94- Ramadan Ahmad Mahmoud, 20 years old, died this morning after being seriously injured in an ‎attack that hit Al-Maghazi camp, two days ago.‎

‎95- Mohammed Riyad Shamallakh, 23 years old, killed as IOF targeted a car in Tal Al-Hawa, ‎southern Gaza city.‎

At around 4 am, two people were killed as an Israeli warplane fired a missile that hit Al-Nusseirat ‎Camp, to the west of Gaza city:‎

‎96- A’ed Radi‎
‎97- Ameer Al-Malahi

In an attack on Al-Shorouq building in Gaza City which contains several media offices, 2 were ‎killed and 3 journalists were seriously injured:‎

‎98- Ramez Harb‎
‎99- Salem Sweilem‎

‎100- Muhammed Ziyad Tbeil, killed in an attack than hit central Gaza.‎

At 6:55 pm, an Israeli warplane attacked Al-Bureij camp killing two people:‎

‎101- Arkan Abu Kmeil‎
‎102- Ibrahim Al-Hawajri

At around 8:00 pm, an Israeli warplane shelled Shhada family’s house in Nusairat camp killing two ‎people from the same family:‎

‎103- Khalil Shhada‎
‎104- Osama Shhada‎

At around 9:00 pm, Israel committed another massacre against Hjazi family killing a father and his ‎two sons, and injuring at least 15, most of them are children and women:‎

‎106- Suhaib Fo’ad Hjazi, 2 years old.‎
‎107- Mohammed Fo’ad Hjazi, 3 years old.‎
‎108- Fo’ad khalil Hjazi

On November 20, the seventh day of the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza.‎

At around midnight, an Apache rocked a house in Rafah that belongs to Nassarsa family, killing ‎two siblings and injuring 10 others:‎

‎109- Mohammed Tawfeeq Al-Nassasra, 20 years old.‎
‎110- Ahmad Tawfeeq Al-Nassasra, 18 years old.‎

‎111- Abderrahman Hamad, killed in an Israeli attack on Mokhabarat buildings, west Gaza‎

‎112- Mohammed Bader, killed in an attack on Central Gaza that targeted Tamma’ family.‎

‎113- Ahmad Doghmosh, died in Egypt after being transferred to a hospital in Egypt for being ‎seriously injured during the Israeli attacks on Gaza.‎

Keep following this post. I’m going to keep updating it on everything that is happening as much as I ‎can and as long as I’m breathing!

Dead End - 2012/11/20 - 13:46

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