War Machine

Language: English

Lyrics & Music by Doogie White, Michael Thomas "Mick" Tucker and Chris Paulo Dale
Album: War Machine


Personnel: Doogie White (vocals); Cliff Evans, Mick Tucker (guitar); Leon Lawson (keyboards); Dave "Grav" Cavill (drums).
Bring us not to ruin
The fight is never over
Till it's over
A politician lies
And young men and women give up their lives.
Where evil finds its way,
We will meet it and send it away.

All praise the war machine [x2].
We watch them hiding in their lairs,
At last to meet their maker.
Terror in their eyes
As they ask "Have you come to save me?"
Some things we never learn
And it's so wrong
Let's take and stand.
War machine
Still it turns
Then it burns.

Now we've come to praise the War Machine (–Hail!)
All Praise the War Machine - (–Hail!) [x3]
Watch it burn..

Now we've come to praise the War Machine (-Hail!)
All Praise the War Machine (-Hail!) [x3]

And as you lie before them now
The masters of your destruction.
Their pockets lined with gold
Let your past rise up to haunt them.
You tyrants in our midst
We despise you
and soon you'll be gone.
War machine
Still it turns
and it's so wrong.

Now we've come to Praise the War Machine (- Hail!)
All Praise the War Machine (-Hail!)…..

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