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Hello Sailor
(Liz Phair)

Girly Sound (self-produced cassettes) - 1991
Reworked in Whip-Smart (1994)

girly sound

The narrator and her lover or potential lover are talking about the war. Probably the Gulf War, seeing as this is a girlysound production. Anyway, they seem to be alone in the night. Very important, seeing as this makes their understanding of the gravity of the war so much more important.
Anyway, they talk, and she gives him advice to be careful. She's worried about Shane. He says, "I know the people who can get keep me out of htis." She doesn't care. She just wants him to do what he wants.

The line "don't let em make you do, what you can't live with tonight in bed, with me, sleeping." Is really significant. She loves him, but doesn't want to force him into a relationship or sexy time. hee hee

Anyway, very powerful. A love song. Anti-war song. Song about lonliness and the ignorance of the general populations. It's amazing.

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I know that it was the night the war broke out
Because you and I were driving around
And you were doing a story
About if people understood what had happened to their world
Tonight in bed sleeping
The world tonight in bed asleep

You said that you were in touch with the draft resistors
In case the big boys called you up
You're gonna have to let 'em dick you around
But don't let 'em make you do what you can't live with
Tonight in bed with me sleeping
You looked like you were just a little kid
"Shane," I said, "You've gotta watch your ass."

You gotta have fear in your heart
You gotta have fear in your heart
You gotta have fear in your heart
You gotta have fear in your heart

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