Let Freedom Reign

Sandy Marshall
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Lyrics & Music by Sannock Marshall


This song was inspired by the war in Iraq, the Make Poverty History campaign and the 2005 G8 summit in Scotland.

"Back in June 2004 I was watching the TV news and the first item showed NATO leaders holding a summit meeting in Turkey. During that meeting, President Bush was handed a note saying that sovereignty had been restored in Iraq. He wrote the words "Let Freedom Reign" on the piece of paper and handed it on. The following clip showed the leaders and their wives laughing and joking while enjoying a champagne cocktail dinner party. The next item of news reported that a 19 year soldier, Gordon Gentles from Glasgow, had been killed in Iraq. At that moment, the unfairness of it all struck me deeply and the song began to materialise. The following year, right on our doorstep here in Blackford, Gleneagles hosted the G8 summit. So much was promised to help "Make Poverty History". Again I was touched by the unfairness of it all … leaders signing agreements, shaking hands and holding photo calls for the World's media at their five star luxury hotel and starving people in some remote far off land with nothing at all. Make our world a better place for all … "maybe one day this will happen" (Sannock)
While our leaders -wear their DJ's
and their wives in sparkling gowns,
In an oil-rich land, a soldier
lies face down in the ground...

Sent to free a broken people
from oppression and from pain..
While our leaders party on and on
and sip their fine champagne…

Hungry children cry together
TV pictures show the scenes
Pain and hunger fill their faces
Sorrow fills our plasma screens

And as half the world go hungry
The rest fight wars of shame
Still the leaders party on and on
And sip their fine champagne…

In the five star world of splendour,
A rich man's paradise
Where no-one wants for nothing,
Who cares about the price

But will they find the answer
make poverty history..
And free the poorest people
from their debt and misery.

A world of peace, let freedom reign
Empty words that still refrain
The free lands of democracy
We say these things so endlessly… -so endlessly.

So we must stand together
And fight for what is right
For a world that is united
Free from hunger, hate and plight

And one day this may happen
We must believe it can
And with one voice heard in union
For all our fellow man…

And with one voice heard in union
For all our fellow man.

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