Mean Things Happening in This World

Woody Guthrie
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Lyrics by Woody Guthrie
Music by Blackfire

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Le parole sono di Woody Guthrie ma la musica non è sua, è dei Blackfire, un gruppo punk rock formato da due fratelli e una sorella, nativi americani, precisamente Navajo. Nel 2003 hanno realizzato un album con Nora Guthrie, nipote del menestrello dell’Oklahoma, un disco intitolato “Woody Guthrie Singles” che raccoglie brani fino a quel momento sconosciuti e mai pubblicati del grande cantautore.

Woody Guthrie Singles

(Bernart Bartleby)
Mean things happening in this world
Look at the big war 'crost the sea
Well I'm sure - that you'll agree
There's mean things a happenin' -in this world

I ain't got a cryin' dime
And I'm that away all the time
There's mean things a happenin' in this world..

There's mean things a happenin' in this world..

Everything is leased and len
And to Britain it has went
And the soldier in the war
Don't know what he's fighting for
And the tank's a rollin' on
To the burstin' of the bombs
Brother and Sister gettin' killed
For a green back dollar bill..

There's mean things a happenin' in this world..

Man and Woman -lend an ear
To the war that's drawin' near
You are spied on -by police
If you speak the word of Peace

If you talk 'bout brotherly love
Back in jail you'll get shoved
o' I'd ruther'd fight for Peace
Than this crooked -lend an lease

There's mean things a happenin' in this world [x3]

Folks wants Peace for miles aroun'
Lord, from New York City down
But we're agonna save our nation
With a Peace mobilization..

Lord, the cops turn on the heat
If you talk Peace on the street
Organize my Brother and Sister
And we'll win this world again

There's mean things a happenin' in this world…

Contributed by giorgio - 2012/3/22 - 19:30

Allora c'è un barlume di speranza, qualche pellerossa è sopravvissuto ancora.
Stranamente, più furrono a nord, più si sono salvati... sarà un caso?
E ce l'hanno pure 'na santa, Kateri (Caterina) Tekakwitha, di cui scrisse abbondantamente Leonard Cohen nel suo romanzo degli '60.
Se vi possa essere di conforto in quei tempi bui.

Krzysiek Wrona - 2014/7/16 - 21:09

Krzysiek Wrona - 2014/7/16 - 21:31

I brani in “Woody Guthrie Singles” dei Blackfire sono poi solo due, questo e (Indian) Corn Song...

B.B. - 2014/7/16 - 22:21

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