Everything's Fine

Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman
Album: In Times of War
In Times of War

"We wrote this song in first days of Afghanistan war.."
Turn on the television
open up a magazine
Watch the broadcast of the massacre
read about some tragedy..
See the man with the pretty face
summarize the daily news
Turn the pages, hear the whispering
of all the voices telling you

Everything's fine,
everything is OK
Don't you worry 'bout a thing now
and all our problems go away
Everybody close your eyes
everyone look the other way
Everything is just dandy
There's no trouble here today..

In Cincinnati just the other day
another black man was shot dead..
Twenty bullets from the barrel of a police gun
Shot him in the back while he fled
People rose up and they took to the street
to defy these racist pigs
But they met 'em with batons and their tear gas guns
and the next day the police chief said

We watched the bombing on the evening news
through the flickering light of the TV
They assured us it'd be over soon
and that we're bombing in the name of liberty
And in between each gruesome clip
a bright new face would light the screen
To sell us a new car or some pretty lipstick
and to wash our conscience clean

And down on Wall Street where the money grows
the suits are marketing the Earth
Driving around town in their fancy new cars
comparing how much they are worth
Corporate people and corporate lives,
corporate land and corporate sky
But this is just the way it's gotta be
can't you hear their lullaby?

You go to work in the morning
you do this each and every day
Making profits for the company
while they take your life away
Tell me why it's gotta be that
we do not own our own lives?
Tell me when we're gonna refuse
to believe these fucking lies !

Everything is not fine
everything is not OK
Wake up America, it's found you
the pain that will not go away
Don't you dare close your eyes
don't you look the other way
This time your flag will not protect you
no matter how much you bomb or pray
Don't you dare close your eyes
don't you look the other way
As they build these walls around you,
may your sleep wake into rage..

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