The Letter

Lee Stewart
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Lee Stewart
the letter lee stewart

A soldier writes home to tell the parents of another soldier that he has died..
"My motivation for writing this song has to be of the news reports of our soldier's who are dying needlessly in places such as Afghanistan..
"I would like to thank everyone who played my song by connecting through Neil Young's Web page Living with War Today".

One lone soldier stands beside a friend,
Rifle on his shoulder, pen and paper in his hands..
Writing a letter to his mother and his dad,
Fighting back the tears on a face already sad

Oh father, dear mother, my name is Major Dan Mc Bride,
I'm writing to inform you your loving son has died..
In the service of his Nation -for the true north strong and free,
He laid down his life for liberty.

Oh father, dear mother please let me explain
So that you will understand that he did not die in vain,
You could see it on the faces of those upon the street
As they knelt beside him they weep.

Oh father, dear mother, now I know how you must feel
For I myself cannot believe that this is truly real
He was more then just a soldier, he was my comrade my best friend
Laid down his youthful life in this foreign land..

Oh father, dear mother, in closing I will say
I ask you to pray for us in this land so far away
so that we may return when our duty here is done
for now we carry on the cause for peace
in loving memory of your son.

One lone soldier stands beside his men
rifle at the ready, They're on patrol again.

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