Thinkin' Like a Soldier

Dana Jordan
Language: English

Lyrics & Music by Nat Vickery and Dana Jordan
Produced and recorded by Dana and Ben Jordan at Music City Tunes, Nashville

"OK, I'll be thinking like a soldier..
But, what the hell do you mean "thinking like a soldier" ?
"Well, I mean thinking this way"
Waiting on the front porch for your letter
Seems you were just here playin' hide and seek
Every tid bit of your life goes through my memory
Since you have gone to fight on foreign soil..

Keep your mind alert and baby you stay focused
Momma's worry more than you could ever know
I pray each day you're thinking like a soldier
That kind of thinkin's -gonna get you home

PS: I miss you, I love you – Keep on Thinkin' like a soldier

Wasn't long a letter came sayin', Momma
Let me tell you 'bout what gets a soldier by
Daddy and Grand Daddy fought for freedom
Mom I'm here to keep their dream alive..

I'm here for Mary Ann and Julie at the diner
Uncle Bob and Johnny at the bank
For the flag that's flyin' proud above the courthouse
For every star and stripe that's shinin' in the sky.

For all the 'Moms' from Tampa to Seattle
For all the 'Dads' from Maui up to Bangor Maine
For every child from Arizona to Chicago
Every one that makes their home the USA..

And Mom – I'm thinking about the victims of Twin Towers
World War One, World War Two and VietNam
Korea, Desert Storm and Okinawa
And every soldier here beside me in Iraq..

I'm here to stand for everyone that's gone before me
Mom don't worry about my state of mind
I promise I'll be home before you know it
And I'll be thinking like a soldier all the while

PS: I love you, Momma – I'll be thinking like a soldier..

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