Saturday Night Special

Fad Gadget
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Album “Incontinent”


Ci siamo già imbattuti in “Saturday Night Special”, espressione in slang ad indicare ogni tipo di pistola a buon mercato, di grande diffusione e di facile reperibilità, quelle responsabili di gran parte di incidenti ed omicidi in giro per il mondo e negli States in particolare.
E spesso – ricorda Fad Gadget in questa sua canzone – il maschio americano dotato di una “Saturday Night Special” ha purtroppo anche una visione della vita e del mondo tipica di un mentecatto che include, oltre al diritto di avere un’arma e di sparare a chiunque, anche il diritto ad una schiava e ad un erede maschio che eterni le gesta di cotanto padre…
every man should have the right
to own a gun
every man should have the right
to shoot someone

film stars and farmers still forcing opinions
like tv politicians playing cowboys and indians
uncle sam sleeps with his horse
keeps his brain in his head
with his trigger-happy patter
he´ll rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat

ride into the sun
the damage is done

every man should have the right
to take a wife
every man should have someone
to share his life

keep her at home with the kids and the cooking
so wholesome and clean
when the neighbours are looking
she´s mother and angel and courtezan too
always hot in the bedroom
she´s dressed just for you

ride into the sun
the damage is done

every man should have the right
to raise a son
every man should have the right
to choose his young

a son is a credit to the familiy name
but a daughter can only bring worry and shame
you can solve all your problems
with a small operation
protecting you manhood by swift termination

ride into the sun
the damage is done

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