The Miseries Never Cease

The Living Fields
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Lyrics by Jon Higgs
Music by Jason Muxlow
Album: The Miseries Never Cease

In the mid-1800's, a famine swept across Ireland, claiming over a million lives and tearing an entire people apart as huge portions of the population emigrated to America.

As if the natural disaster weren't bad enough, English landlords and overseers took ruthless advantage of the situation, resulting in more misery for the population and attributing to the brutal length of famine.

It was a textbook case of oppression by an opulent minority and contributed to Ireland's bloody struggle for independence for years after.
The sun greets a new dawn
Cuts through the cloudy morn
The fields that are my home,
My love and our newborn..

A mist comes from the sea,
And brings strange malady!
Bare ground and empty stores,
The roots as black as soot!
Utter hopeless blight ..!

Those in power – thrive while we – suffer to – stay alive..

Blood mixed with rot is all we have to eat for months!
No sustenance, my people all starve, they all die!

What have we done?
Who did we wrong?
Why do we deserve
Such complete contempt?

Many more – will die – before the end
How can – they live – with guilt like this?

Nothing just
Lost all faith
Country breaks
A source of rage for years to come

Now my worst fears come to be, my family, they are gone
Innocence taken from me, and have to work for the privilege

Nothing just
Lost all faith
My heart breaks
A source of rage for years to come

Time to leave here and start a new life
Broken men have no options left !!

Those in power -never paid -for their crimes..

And now I stand alone
The darkness melts away
From ships across the sea !
To bury tragedy
Take hold of destiny !
And face a brave new -world !!

I can tame my fate, find love again, but never forget
How, once destroyed, I clawed my way back into the light !!

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