The Plane That Wasn't There

David Rovics
Language: English

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[November 2003]
Lyrics and music by David Rovics

"Read more about this interesting situation at the website of the Shannon Peace Camp." -David Rovics.
The Irish constitution says
We cannot go to war
Nor cam we assist a nation
Bombing some other country's shore
Yes it says right here we're neutral
And should not get involved
That there are better ways
For problems to be solved
So you should not be shocked
That I was a bit surprised
When I looked above me
Into the Irish skies
And I saw a US bomber
Flying in the air
That was the time that I first spotted
The plane that wasn't there

Well I went to Shannon Airport
To report my findings with the chief
And to my query he did answer
With a look of utter disbelief
"Ireland is neutral
And we would not partake
In the bombing of a country
No, for goodness sake
Maybe you're hallucinating
This plane you think you saw
'Cause such an abrogation
Would surely be against the law"
He said it was no bomber
Perhaps a flying grizzly bear?
In any case it wasn't
The plane that wasn't there

Well I gathered up some friends
And we walked on to the runway
And there was a C140
Sitting in the light of day
We thought perhaps the government
Was having problems seeing good
Maybe all that time in ivory towers
Their eyes don't work quite like they should
We thought that it might help
If the plane were a bit brighter
So we used some spraypaint
To make it a little lighter
Make the windscreen organge
It seemed only fair
Give your man a chance to see
The plane that wasn't there

Well this pissed them off a bit
Left their credibility in doubt
But we had yet to show
What this was really all about
International law
We enforced it with an ax
Gave that C140
A damn good forty whacks
The jury it was hung
'Cause they could not reconcile
All the contradictions
They heard at the trial
The poor judge was in a tizzy
He was pulling out his hair
When they said we could not have damaged
A plane that wasn't there

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2006/1/7 - 23:33

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