Rogue State

David Rovics
Language: English

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[November 2002]
Lyrics by David Rovics
With the force of arms they attacked their neighbors
And declared a theocracy
Now they talk about peace while they massacre children
And they call it democracy
With helicopters and tanks they're shelling families
As they hide in their living rooms
Bulldozing cropland, uprooting fruit trees
Smashing workshops and looms

They're a nuclear power, they have enough weapons
To destroy all their neighbors
With one of the biggest air forces in the world
They're launching missiles and rattling sabers
A hundred UN resolutions they are violating
Every single day
With legalized torture, assassinations
Can we let them carry on this way

With no justification they round up the men
And railroad them to jail
It's called collective punishment
You can hear the hungry children wail
They deport people from the towns
Away from their occupied land
They've been told for years that this must stop
But they've ignored every demand

They're building walls around the ghettoes
Have we seen this before
Led by a man who has orchestrated
Some of the worst crimes of war
It's time to act before there are many more
Atrocities to grieve
If we're going to enforce international law
Then let's start with Tel Aviv

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2006/1/7 - 23:25

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