Flowers of Saskatchewan

David Francey
Language: English

Da / From "Far End Of Summer" (2002)
The sun was shining on the English Channel
On a ferry off the coast of France
It was summer and a pleasant morning
And high above gulls wheeled and danced
And high above the cliffs of morning
The gun emplacements had stood in ranks
I walked over to the railing
And I heard the ghosts of the Calgary Tanks
And I remembered pictures I'd seen
In history books and magazines
Of three men standing, smoking, staring
Among the dead men on a rocky beach
And in the light of that pleasant morning
As we sailed under the cliffs above
I thought of all their silent prayers
And the final thoughts of the ones they loved
That they left behind at prairie stations
Waving to their pride and joy
Waving to the smiling faces
Smiling faces on the soldier boys of?
No waves of grain would claim the fallen
Just the channel cold and grey as steel
And no return to the rolling prairie
And a silent cross on a lonely field
The sun was shining on the rolling prairie
Far from the channel, cold and grey
Shone on the families, friends and lovers
Of the prairie boys who fell that day
But they could not know on that sunny morning
The future held for them no joy
They'd wait in vain at prairie stations
Wait in vain for their soldier boys

2005/9/8 - 23:56

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