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"Before America declared war on Iraq in 2003, I began writing a poem about my feeling. We were still at war in Afghanistan, and it was a little over a decade ago that we have been fighting Iraq before. I felt disgusted that within the first few years of the new millennium, America would set a tone of aggression, violence, revenge, and selfishness for the 'new American century'. How dumb are we? What did we learn during the bloody 20th century? Two world wars? Atomic weapons? How could we possibly start off the next 100 years by fighting TWO wars? A war in a country that had done nothing to us? 'How many more gotta die?' I asked. How many more mothers gotta cry? It was a protest of war. Well, of course we DID go to war in Iraq. And the song changed scope, and as no longer simply about war, and became a protest song. When history begins repeating itself, one has to ask oneself, 'How Many More?'"

How many more gotta die
How many more mothers gotta cry
How many more gotta be under surveillance by the FBI
How many more black spy helicopters in the sky
How many more government lies will CNN televise
How many more fifth amendment alibis
How many more of ours behind bars for life
How many more government eyes watching out lives

How many more bogus trials and planted vials
How many more denials and Racial Profiles
How many more Amadou Diallos do there gotta be
Before we mobilize and start marchin' in the streets
How many more peeps gotta represent dissidence
Before the president starts listening
To what we sayin', we need freedom and asylum
From the violence at the hands of government-ill tyrants
How many more Guillianis will you sick on me
How many more McCarthys will call me a commie
Ashcroft and Tom Ridge might call me a terrorist
How many more times can they censor a lyricist
How many more flags will brothers and sisters wave
Before they realize we still treated like slaves
How many more shiny things and bling will they show us
Before we rise up and just take what they owe us
How many more cops, how many more feds
How many more on lock, how many more dead
How may more Fred Hamptons and Huey Newtons
How many more police state sponsored black shootings
How many more Malcolms, How many more Martins
How many more cops in the halls in kindergartens
Jail to the thief we never voted for they leader
How many more years before they finally free Mumia


How many more towers gotta tumble
How many more world super powers gotta rumble
How many more treaties gotta crumble
Before we recognize that we in a whole world of trouble, how many more
How many more reporters won't ask the right questions
How many more CEOs spending our pensions
How many more subliminal media suggestions
How many more wars of unfounded aggression
How many more covert operations
How many more overt occupations of other nations
Public relations calls it liberation
How many more soldiers getting stationed, citizens complacent
How many more sons, how many more daughters
How many more slaughters for arbitrary borders
The new world order is the old world horror
The rich get richer while the poor get poorer
How many more voices need to rise in opposition
Before they stop calling it sedition...and treason
How many more reasons do we need to impeach him
He lied, took us to war, and Gore beat him
How many more state of the unions
How many more tons pollution
How many more tax breaks as a solution
Before we had enough this shit and start the revolution.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/9/6 - 09:59

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