Bush It!

Darryl Cherney
Language: English

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Parole e musica di Darryl Cherney

A)(G)(A) First they went and stole the election
(B) The Supreme Court went and made the selection
(D) The corporations gave the direction
They said (A) "Bush it" (G) (A)

(A) He went and hired his daddy's staff
(B) And few guys from Nixon's just for a laugh
(D) Now the world is his oyster to split in half
(A) Bush it (G) (A)

(A) Now though he'd never been to a foreign land
And a (B) map of the world he'd never understand
(D) Right up his back went the puppeteer's hand
(A) Bush it

(D) Bush it--the old President's son
(B) Bush it--that's the way it's done
(D) Bush it--for all of your friends
(E) Who knows where this whole thing's gonna (A) end (G)(A)

Then someone goes and topples the towers
Took years to build destroyed it in hours
The FBI and CIA said give us more powers
Bush it

Then the puppeteer says hey I got a plan
Though the guys were all Saudis lets bomb Afganistan
Then camp out with our friends in Pakistan
Bush it

But that wasn't the end to these tragic attacks
Some used the U.S. mail to send anthrax
Kinda funny how it went just to Democrats
Bush it

Bush it--The old President's boy
Bush it--He got a brand new toy
Bush it--Down old Texas way
Hey now look at Georgie Junior play

Vice President Cheney meets with Enron of course
On how to manage our oil resource
Give 'em rolling blackouts and a secret task force
We'll Bush it

The Enron goes bankrupt after stealing us blind
But they left a trail of campaign cash behind
But when asked for his records Cheney big time declined
He said Bush it.

Now before 9-1-1 Bush wasn't too bright
Did Osama Bin Laden show him the light?
They're both CIA boys and they know how to fight
They Bush it

Bush it--To the limit and then
Bush it--And Bush it again
Bush it--And make no mistake
There is just so much that we can take

He's got two drunken daughters and a drug addict niece
But that doesn't matter, he'll just call up the police
And say you can keep all the others, but I want their release
Bush it

Now he did booze and coke and he doesn't deny it
But he says that he quit and he's on a new diet
Now he passes out on pretzels--does anyone buy it?
Bush it

Now George is an artist and he's trying to sell it
He's a bit of a devil--doesn't think we can tell it
But it's piled up so high it's hard not to smell it

Bush it--The new President's song
Bush it--You know he can't be wrong
Bush it--Out of the President's way
What more can a real American say?

Bush It! Bush It! Bush It!

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/3/29 - 04:25

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