Leave Us Alone!

Patrick Sky
Language: English

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Testo pubblicato su Broadside Magazine n.37 del gennaio 1964.

Una canzone dedicata ai nativi americani.

“No thanks, no giving!”
You say that I’m a bloody savage
Unfit to live in this Fair Land
But you stole it from our Father
With a bible in your hand.

Then you pushed us further, further,
Back into the hills and plains
Said, “This land is yours forever
Long as White Clouds bring the rains”

Now the treaties have been broken
By the Politicians tongue,
“The way to get the Indian land
Is for to educate his young”

“Sell him liquor, give him money
Lie and steal, and break is pride
He is just a primitive savage
Remember, God is on our side”

“Make his faith and cults illegal!
Sell him bibles cheaply priced!
Tell him how we love and praise him
In the name of Jesus Christ!”

“Draft him into our braves armies
Send him to some foreign land
Make him fight the wars we started
While he’s away, we’ll steal more land!”

Now you can laugh, say I’m foolish
Unlearned… No right to speak this way
But I’m speaking for my people
So listen when these words I say:

“WE don’t want youy dirty cities
Nor your planes and cars and such!
All we want is to live our way
That ain’t askin for too much”

“Keep you money, and your diamonds!
Keep your silver, and your gold!
Keep your governmental powers
Where human lives are bought and sold!”

“Keep your guns, keep your swords
Your bombs, and other things of war!
Keep your whole damned Social Order,

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