Distant Drums

The Vietnam Veterans
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Album "Catfish Eyes and Tales"
Catfish Eyes and Tales
The drums in the night
They are calling me baby
Let’s fight for the rights
Of the People of Love

Drums are rollin’
Are you ready to leave?
Drums are rollin’
Are you ready to go?

The goodies or the baddies
Will you know what’s their side?
Some side with the strongest
Other ones run and hide

The sticks on the drums
Beat the rythm of youth
Who didn’t know before
Who the enemy was

Bound for the combat
Ain’t got nothin’ to lose
Bound for the combat
Now it’s too late to choose

You better run you soldier
And then bury your gun
In the desert of your hate
No revolution grows

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/7/20 - 11:15

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