Our Own Kind

Nora Callahan
Language: English

Across this land of America, prisons abound
Over 2 million citizens, in the bowels of hell
They're our own kind, been down a long time

Then went guards from US prisons, headed to Iraq
Unleashed on an unsuspecting people? No, they've expected us
A long time, a long time ago

Not in Bush's America, he didn't like it one bit
Nor did Haider al-Abbadi, to have his manhood
In his own kind, what was on his friend's mind?

Not in his America, his soldiers stripped them down.
Hoods on heads and limbs were bound, by our own kind
Our own kind. Our own kind

Just a few bad apples, fallen off the bush?
I wanna know how high is up, and that it's understood
It's his kind, and they're out of their minds

Guards and dogs and prisons; rape, torture, death
Happens every day in America, the leading jailer on Earth
It's our own kind, our own kind of design
Have we lost our minds? It's our own kind...

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