The Day They Caught Saddam Hussein

Ryan Harvey
Lingua: Inglese

The day they caught Saddam Hussein
I couldn't believe my eyes
Figured they meant Bin Laden
Kinda took be by surprise
In Iraq, in Iraq

The papers hit the streets
"We Got Our Man" it said
They let Bin Laden slip away
And caught Saddam Hussein instead
In Iraq, in Iraq

As the word spread mouth to mouth
The celebrations came
In many U.S. cities
Who we're glad to place blame
On Iraq, on Iraq

Cuz all of 9/11, they thought
Must be linked to him
Besides we know he poisoned the Kurds
Cuz we sold the gas to him
In Iraq, in Iraq
The day they caught Saddam Hussein
Amnesia spread around
From the the television news
In through every town
In Iraq, in Iraq

It was just a half year earlier
That the war's end was declared
But there we're still 100,000 soldiers
Fighting over there
In Iraq, in Iraq

So now Saddam is gone
What more is there to say?
'Cuz there's 600 insurgent attacks
Every single day
In Iraq, in Iraq

We brought them democracy
One just like our own
Where poor people of color
Get shot down on the road
In Iraq, in Iraq

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