As Long As We Can

Lingua: Inglese

Here we go again
Gonna kick it as long as we can
We like to boast from
The far west coast
To the desert fields of Iran
You want to fight well let's go
You know that we
Came to drop bombs
The straight edge punks
From the desert sun
All want some of the shit
That we're on
We are the ones
You know we don't fuck around
Gonna go as long as we can
We're back again what goes around
Comes around
You wanna go
You know that we're down
As long as we can
We're self-righteous hypocrites and
We don't wanna hear what you say
Capitalistic, Narcissistic
And no we're not gonna change
The bright lights make you blind now
You want everything for free
You pay for gas while we count out
Cash we're going down in history

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