My Wedding Day

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

We all gathered here Monday
I believe it was
I know it was my wedding day
Friends and family
Were dancing on that day

My beautiful fiance
She was smiling
Smiles on my wedding day
The happiest of moments
Were present on that day

Love was in the air
On that Monday
In the glory my wedding day
I never thought that anything
Could break my heart that day

We fired rifles into the air
A Pashtun
Tradition on my wedding day
And litte did we know someone
Was waiting on that day

An AC-130
That’s what they say
Made a visit on my wedding day
With bullets flying and flaming
Every single way

Do you know why they fired?
I never may
They fired on my wedding day
I watched my family bleeding
Bleeding around me

My beautiful fiance
Was dying
Death upon my wedding day
I took her into my arms
And watched her fade away

The Murderers said sorry
It was an accident,
Accidently on my wedding day
They let their cannos fire
And kill upon that day

And now I look around me
It’s so insane
Insanity on my wedding day
The bodies of my family
Are left to the rot away

I looked up at the sky
So cowardly
A coward on my wedding day
Gunfire from the USA
Had brought me to my grave

And as I hit the ground
I was bleeding
Blood upon my wedding say
The blood, it ran down my eyes
And I wish they heard me say

I never was an angry man
until that day
Anger on my wedding day
The true costs of war
Were right there where I lay

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