War Should End (In Abyss)

Jim Geezil
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Album: "Facing Harder Reasons Than Before"
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Lyrics and music by Jim Geezil

Il brano รจ acoltabile (non scaricabile) dal sito ufficiale

Here it goes again in the same way that it left,
Better throw a kiss to the days we had the best,
I don't know all the faces,
I don't know how war should end
We don't grow from the ashes we just burn out in abyss

Where do we go from here if it turns out that we slipped?
Do we know what the stake is? Is a war a bigger threat?
Letting go of the poisons like abuse and dirty tricks.
Letting go of the voices, here them root down in abyss.

Do we know what comes next?
Should we vote or should we bet?
Will we prove we won't take it?
Will we turn out in abyss?

Contributed by Robbie Dero - 2008/4/30 - 08:32

I bought the song called, "War Should End" by Jim Geezil on itunes. It's the kind of song that fits in with the cultural times of 2008. I just think that maybe the reason this independent anti- war song can't be heard on top 40 radio is because the music business is controlled by corporate bullies. This brilliant song will pass us by because marketing has a bigger role to play. Could you imagine if we never got to hear Buffalo Springfield's "For What it's Worth"?
Great songwriters like Jim Geezil can't find their way past the corporate entertainment gridlock. Too bad for him and too bad for us-

Russ, Indie Music Fan

Russ - 2008/6/22 - 20:46

Jim, GREAT song. I work out regularly with your big brother, Ed. I'd love to her from you. He talks about you often. I'm Mike Hadad's mom from Harvard. I don't know if you have heard that we lost Mike. You were truly one of his best friends. please email me and I let you know about all the happenings back here.


Mrs. Hadad (Mike's mom) - 2008/10/30 - 17:29

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