There Ain’t No Heaven

Language: English

….told you,oh Lord,I would ‘a’ told you,
I would ‘a’ told you, but I thought you ‘d know,
There ain’t no heaven,oh Lord ,there ain’t no heaven,
There ain’t no heaven, on the country road.

Youn could ‘a’ made it,oh Lord , you could ‘a’ made it,
Youn could ‘a’ made it,you oughta stay at home,
So you could work on , oh Lord , so you could work on,
So you could work on, work on your daddy’s farm.

Don’t talk about it ,oh boys , don’t talk about it,
Don’t talk about it , if you do I’ll cry
Don’t come around me , oh Lord , don’t come around me,
Don’t come around me ,if you do I’ll die.

Oh Lord,they put me ,put me on that old north bound,
On one cold , cold November day;
And every station , station I would come to,
Oh, you could hear them ,hear them old rounders say:

“Oh , yonder come,come some poor old prisoner,
And I know, know he’s Raleigh bound;
Oh Lord, they got him ,got him double-shackled,
Oh Lord, they got him ,got him well bound down “

Down at the station,stood my dear old mother,
Oh, with a basket hanging on her right arm,
Oh Lord, she keep on , keep on screaming and a-crying,
“Oh Lord,I wonder what my son has done”

Oh, did you bring me , did you bring me any silver ?
Oh, did you bring me , did you bring me any gold ?
Oh, did you come all the way to South Carolina,
Oh, just to see me work on the county road ?

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