Song for Julian

Tony Smith
Lingua: Inglese

In a democracy
The people need facts
So we can judge
The rulers we make
When governments lie
Or hide the truth
They surrender
Their fragile mandate

When citizens learn
That governments kill
Some risk their lives
For our right to know
Wikileaks they trust
And Julian Assange
Should be hailed
As the people’s hero

Imprisoned for a decade
By foes of democracy
Despots who claim
They act in our name
Torture him mentally
Near drive him insane
These Anglophone hypocrites
Bring nothing but shame

Julian is a martyr
For truths we are owed
He’s in prison dying
And him we should hail
Thank him reward him
Not leave him lying
Broken in spirit
Alone in some jail

Set Julian free
Forget your secrets
These are just another
Name for lies
Unlock the prison
Holding democracy
Set Julian free
Free Julian Assange
Set Julian free
Free Julian Assange

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