The Sunrise Over Rojava

Lee Brickley
Lingua: Inglese

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Songs for Rojava
I’m packing up my bags and leaving this country I’ve always called home
I’m going out to fight for freedom with people who just want to get along
I just can't stand to be trodden, this hypocrisy cuts me to the bone
And I will not return ‘til the people have a safe and peaceful place to call their own

And the whole world turns and sees
The sunrise over Rojava

I know the history of the conflict, I’m not misinformed
I go to Erbil, sign my name and buy my uniform
Across the Tigris in the dark of night I sail away
And in the morning, meet my comrades for a brighter day

And that’s the first time my eyes see
The sunrise over Rojava

I'm doing this because it's right and I don't care what anybody thinks of me
Some are saying that it's not my fight but we're all human beings as far as I can see
And I don't believe in your borders, it's the divisions that create atrocities
I'm gonna help build a culture from feminism and ecology

Wait for the night to end and see
The sunrise over Rojava

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