Me Johnny Mitchell Man

Lingua: Inglese

1.For you know Joe Silovatsky.
Dat man is my brudder.
Last night he's come to my shanty:
"John, I'm'a come I'm'a tell you for.
I'm'a tell you for tomorra, John,
Evening dark as night;
ootsa miners all, beeg un small,
Gonna have a strike.
ount be scabby fella, John ,
Oat's I'm tell you right," he say .
"No sir, Mike. come out on strike,
I'm'a Johnny Mitchell man."

Well, I'm dun' afraid for nothing,
Dat's me nevair shcare.
Come on a strike tomorra night?
Oat's de business I dun't care .
Right-a here I'm tell you.
Me not scabby fella
I 'm a good union citizen.
I'm'a Johnny Mitchell man .

Well, me belong fer union.
I'm good citizen.
Seven, mebbe 'leven year.
I'm warkin ' in beeg. beeg 'Merica;
I'm warkin fer de Black Heat',
Down in de Lytle Shaft
In de Nottingham. Conyngham
Un every place like dat.
I'm got lotsa money.
Nine hoonded mebbe ten.
Un strike kin come.
like son of a gun
I'm 'a Johnny Mitchell man.

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