The Kindness of Ravens

Mick Harvey & Christopher Richard Barker
Language: English

Patiently we watch each other, my hungry raven friend and I
He from a leafless tree, me from a sunless sky
It saddens me greatly to seem him cast a humourless black eye
Over a lost human race that marches on to die
When he tilts his sleek rain-glistened head, I of course panic
Clutched as I am in an exquisitely sharp metal embrace
For to move the merest fraction would mean to lose my face
So even though my mouth is parch’d dry, I fain my lip to lick
For I must let the creature know that my pulse still does tick
As I gaze into the crimson reflection that pools by my feet
I realise that my crucifixion is almost complete
As a blind man I shall walk if ever again I shall rise
For my hungry raven friend will have surely pecked out my cold eyes
As a blind man I shall walk if ever again I shall rise
For my raven friend will surely have pecked out my cold eyes
Have pecked out my cold eyes….have pecked out my cold eyes

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