Jesus and Woody

Ry Cooder
Lingua: Inglese

Well bring your old guitar
And sit here by me
'Round the heavenly throne
Drag out your Oklahoma poetry
'Cause it looks like the war is on

And I don't mean a war for oil
Or gold, or trivial things of that kind
But I heard the news, the Vigilante Man
Is on the move this time

So sing me a song 'bout This Land Is Your Land
And fascists bound to lose
You were a dreamer, Mr. Guthrie
And I was a dreamer too

Once I spoke of a love for those who hate
It requires effort and strain
Vengeance casts a false shadow of justice
Which leads to destruction and pain

Some say I was a friend to sinners
But by now you know it's true
Guess I like sinners better than fascists
And I guess that makes me a dreamer too

In the year of 1945
You saw the killers fall
Many fought and died
But it's the innocent ones I most recall

Well I've been the Savior now for such a long time
And I've seen it all before
You good people better get together
Or you ain't got a chance anymore

Now they're starting up their engine of hate
Don't it make you feel lonesome and blue?
Yes I was a dreamer, Mr. Guthrie
And you were a dreamer too.

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